About Local 813

Local 813 exists to offer advice, assistance, and support to an active membership that works in the New York metropolitan area, while obtaining for its members in the private sanitation and funeral industry some of the highest wages and one the most comprehensive health benefits package in the country.

Local members are concerned about unfair labor practices, management abuses, cutbacks in wages and cutbacks in benefits, and the strong overall anti-labor movement that has emerged in recent years. These are just some of the challenges that every worker must face in the 21st Century.

All of the members of the union make Local 813 one of the most diverse locals in the country. The union represents hard working employees in the private sanitation industry, the funeral industry, the demolition industry, the rental car industry, the paper and corrugated industry, and the factory and warehouse industry.

This local was created more than half a century ago and still exists to serve a membership that is concerned about the future of the Labor movement in America.

The union is only as strong as its membership. We encourage our members to be active and remain active in all of the areas of struggle that confront the labor movement.

Local 813 History and Jurisdiction

Teamsters Local 813 was chartered in September 1951 by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters covering workers in the Private Sanitation Industry. In the mid nineties I.B.T. Locals 27 and 1034 were merged into Local 813 which expand its jurisdiction to cover workers in the private sanitation, resource recovery and transfer and recycling station employees; paper products and miscellaneous drivers; warehousemen, helpers and messengers; funeral, livery, automobile rentals, casket and vault; container and drum, chauffeurs, helpers; hay and feed, poultry, in the New York and Metropolitan Area.

Union Objective

Our objective and purpose is to provide to Local 813 members the best collective bargaining agreements. Regardless of age, race, sex, religion, everyone should be paid a fair wage for work performed keeping pace with inflation and be provided with a benefits package that reflects the need of their families.

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