A secure, comfortable retirement is every worker's dream. And now because we're living longer, healthier lives, we can expect to spend more time in retirement than our ancestors did. Achieving the dream of a secure, comfortable retirement is much easier when you plan your finances.

The Board of Trustees believes our Plan is an important supplement to your Social Security and other sources of retirement income, and is proud to play a role in providing this valuable benefit.

What you must report to us:

  • If you move or change your address (click here to download and print the form)
  • Direct deposit
  • You lost your check
  • If you get married, separated or divorced
  • If you enter or leave an institution
  • If a person getting pension benefit or the spouse dies
  • Change of beneficiary
  • What you need to tell us

Q & A

Here are answers to some of the questions people most frequently ask about the Plan.

Q: How do I go about giving you a change of address?
A: Call the Fund Office to request an address change form or click here to download and print the form. Address changes will not be accepted over the phone and must be submitted in writing and being notarized.

Q: Do we have any medical benefits after retirement?
A: There are no medical benefits after retirement.

Q: If I retire at age 55 and receive my pension benefits, do my benefits increase when I reach age of 65?
A: Your benefits do not increase because of the age. The amount of the benefit stays the same.

Q: If I take Joint & Survivor option and my spouse dies before me, do I receive any increases on my pension benefits?
A: Your pension benefits will not change once the benefit payment commenced.

Q: When are pension checks mailed out?
A: The first of each month. Please note that a pension check will not be considered late until after the 10th of the month.

Q: I retired a while back and am receiving my pension under the 10 Year Certain Option. The person I named as my beneficiary (my mother) recently died, and I would like to name my sister as my beneficiary.
A: Yes, under this form of payment you may name a new beneficiary. If you don't have a valid beneficiary designation on file, then any amounts due on your death will be paid under the procedure described in the section called "How Your Pension is Paid."

Q: I've been receiving pension payments for a few years and got divorced a couple of months ago. Next month I'm going to get married again. I'm receiving my payments under the 50% Joint & Survivor Annuity and want to change my beneficiary so that my new spouse, not my ex-spouse, will get the benefit due when I die.
A: You can't do that. Once payments start under the Joint & Survivor Annuity form of payment, you can't change anything. Your former spouse will receive the benefit if he or she survives you. (This is one reason you should consider consulting an attorney who can help you identify and address issues relating to pensions and other property rights at the time of your divorce.)